Wednesday, 30 November 2016

The Bach Centre Part 2 :: Meaningful Pilgrimages and Healing Journeys

Dear Friends,

This is Part Two of a Three part blog-journey, where I visit the garden of the internationally famous Bach Flower Remedies, and the last home of Dr Edward Bach who created them.

In todays post, we are outdoors in the rustic, untamed garden surrounding the cottage, where some of the actual plants and trees that are used to make the remedies are grown.

Walnut - The link breaker that helps you move forward in times of transition, adjusting to life changes
- helping protect against sensitivity to outside forces and influences.
The sky suddenly clouded over, not unusual for this time of year, serving only to further imbue the silent, still garden with a deeply introspective feel. It was like all the plants and trees were continuing to dream even after the end of the long, cold winter months. Their vital energy pulled inward. Resting, waiting for the tide of new life to begin rising in them again. 

Clematis - the fuzzy-headed scatterbrained daydreamer, (just like the plant seed heads) - refocusses attention and connection to the real world of here and now.

Aspen - Vague fears of unknown origin, anxiety and apprehension.  

Cherry Plum - Fear of losing control, losing one's mind, having a breakdown, doing something terrible you can't come back from, fears own actions in desperation, sudden uncontrollable behavior.

Mimulus growing in the pond. 
Mimulus - for fear of known things and hypersensitivities of all kinds

The gardener showed me another pond, located at the back of the garden, and carefully lifted the plastic covering to show me several species of rare newts hiding there… (I didn't take any photos of them to show you sorry… They are Salamanders, like small black Axolotl-like creatures - some crested with red bands on their tails) 

           Holly - For anger, jealousy, revengefulness, envy and feelings of hatred and suspicion - opens     the heart back up to Love

Elm - temporarily feeling inadequate and overwhelmed by responsibilities  

I must say, it is a wonderful feeling to see these plants and trees, to touch them - the actual ones - here in this garden. To know that their energetic stories and healing help go out from here, to people all over the World. 

The Litre-sized bottles used to store the Mother Tincture. 

The tinctures themselves are produced by placing pieces of the plant material (usually flowers) in a bowl of distilled water, set out in the sunlight.  The suns rays allow the plant to 'discharge' it's subtle innate, energetic wisdom - the vegetal vibrational frequency into the water.  
Water as we know, is a wonderful conductor and conduit of energy and storehouse of memories, and used in this way, it holds the vital imprint of the plants code (healing signature) within it. 

Science is only very recently (in the last few years) starting to acknowledge and agree with this fact…already known to shamans and herbal healers for thousands of years.   

To learn more about the vibrational changes to water (effected directly by our thoughts and words, which are extremely powerful) please look at the works of Dr. Masaru Emoto  - 'The Hidden Messages in Water' , 'The Healing Power of Water', 'The True Power of Water; Healing and Discovering Ourselves'.  

Please call by here again tomorrow, for our final part in this series…

Blessings of Beauty, 
Catherine Athena xo

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