Tuesday, 29 November 2016

The Bach Centre Part 1 :: Meaningful Pilgrimages and Healing Journeys

Dear friends,

I had dreamed of visiting the Bach Centre near Oxford for many years… I first learnt about this beautiful healing modality back in 1994 (in New Zealand) and I started working with and benefiting from the remedies straight away.

For those who are unfamiliar with the Bach Flower Remedies, they are 38 individual plant essences that help treat health problems by getting to the root of the emotional cause. They come in little dropper bottles containing the vibrationally charged essence of various plants, trees and flowers (more on this later), utilizing the delicate -yet powerful- and soulful grace of the plant realm. 

The most commonly known remedy is probably the combination essence "Rescue Remedy" which contains 5 of the individual remedies together, and is used especially to bring calm to traumatic and stressful situations. 

And so it was….. on a chill Spring morning in March that I made the journey over to the little cottage in the tiny village of Brightwell-cum-Sotwell, Wallingford - about a 45 - 50 minutes drive south of Oxford.

Luckily it was a sunny day with a clear bright blue sky above, as I arrived at the cottage called "Mount Vernon" surrounded by its wildish English garden.

This was the rented home and workplace of Dr. Edward Bach (for those interested, his name is pronounced correctly as Bach, as in Johann Sebastian Bach - as he is of Welsh ancestry, and not Batch - as in *small seaside cottage*) - this quiet and humble man, whose life's work and contribution was to bring these incredible plant treatments to the world. 

The sign on the door speaks of those who used to work here.

As you enter the front door, the room directly off to the left is Dr Bach's treatment room where he would see patients.

Dr.Bach's original hand-made furniture is a feature in the room - the sturdy armchairs and desk, the corner where he worked complete with his typewriter and set of treatment bottles.

A wonderful old Grandfather clock lends an atmospheric feel to this room-full-of-memories too...

Please call back here tomorrow, for part two of this three part blog-journey, where I'll show you the rustic garden and some of the actual plants and trees used in the making of the real 'Original' Bach Flower Remedies.

Till then... Blessings of Beauty,
Catherine Athena xo

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