Sunday, 14 July 2013

It's All There

For those readers who have been following along on my art-making journey these past few weeks, you've probably seen the 5 assignments coming up here on my blog for the art licensing course I've been taking. 

It's so interesting to see all the pieces together at the end of a journey like this. It really can be quite insightful, as you get to see very clearly your 'energy' and style coming through. It's all there...

And it's not over just yet... These last couple of days have seen me working away merrily on the final piece in this rather rapid-paced 6 week adventure... I've been preparing my art work for the Global Talent Search contest...the winner will win 2 years representation by a top Art Licensing Agent.

If you'd like to see what this entails, please keep a look out on here...  a bit later on I'll be showing you what I came up with for that competition. 

Enjoy this beautiful Sunshine we are having! 
Catherine Athena xo

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