Monday, 8 July 2013

Free Spirit - Zipper Case Gift Design

This past week in school we had to create a Hyper-Lush Zipper Case, the kind you'd use as a giant pencil case or as a travel bag for toiletries. The imagery could be of anything at all, so I sought inspiration from the kinds of things I I mention in the list you'll find at the very foot of my blog (when you scroll right down)...The list I call "La Bohème {a life style of those who live for and by their art}" 

Here you'll find some of the items from that take on old typewriters, vintage bicycles, herbal chai tea, big hats, long tousled hair, silver hoop earrings, retro-styled digital cameras, amethyst crystal, postmarks, pocket watches, hearts-spades-clubs-diamonds, my fascination with locks and keys, turquoise turquoise turquoise! I'm just crazy for that color! Something free-spirited and fun for summer.

Catherine Athena xo

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