Wednesday, 31 December 2014

Ceremony of Cosmic Love

"Is everybody in? Is everybody in? The ceremony is about to begin… "
~ Jim Morrison : An American Prayer

I often imagine I can hear Jim Morrison saying those magic words (in my inner world) as I prepare a space with my rattle, and then drum, for my close of year ceremony.  

It's NewYear's Eve night and I find myself in a moment of stillness and solitude. I am preparing myself to bridge across this time-threshold into a whole NewYear, 2015.  Candles are lit and the native herbs are smouldering up a purifying haze.

I pray to return any energies I have held onto unconsciously, returning them back to those they belong to, and then I recall any soul parts I have lost myself and any personal power I have given away to others, knowingly or unknowingly.  The flames and smoke carry my words and intentions. Bringing things back into balance. It feels good. Keeping the slate clean, energies retaining their integrity.  Be it so!    ……and it is done.

If the rising tides of this past year are anything to go by, we have a remarkable time ahead of us. I'm told by a very reliable astrologer that the energies coming in and the pace of our lives will only get faster in this year to come!  Lets ride! 

Travel light
Blessings of beauty and mystery,
Catherine Athena xo

Sunday, 28 December 2014

Self-Care Sunday

I stayed up late last night. I was working on a new painting.
It felt real good to sleep in even later this morning, a slow start, leisure breakfast and a walk round town in the chill winter air... and then out to pick up a few Gaiam Yoga supplies so I can indulge in some on-going gentle self-care. 

Some Rodney Yee Yoga DVD's, a yoga strap and a couple of purple blocks... I have to say Rodney Yee has me tuning in to my felt sense, my inner awareness while in poses in a way I have not encountered before. It's quite a workout - both inner and outer! 

How are you taking care of yourself in this weekend? Please do let me know in the comments below…

Choose happiness,
Catherine Athena xo

Thursday, 25 December 2014

Word of the Year Wrap-Up 2014 : Happiness

It's been quite a year, this one. 
When you choose a word, as a guiding intention for the year, all sorts of things start to unfold.  

Back on December 31st last year I wrote about my chosen word mantra for 2014, in this blog post on 'Happiness'.  Before that, 'Expressive' was my word for 2013… and through 2012, I worked away quietly but determinedly with 'Brave' guiding me.  

So here we are again… looking back over this year of 'being with Happiness' and how it has taken me has through crossroads and junctions where I got to see up real close all the things that truly bring happiness, and all the things that don't (as is perfectly usual with these 'one little words'!)

I remembered that chanting (and singing) sanskrit mantras, having the sun on my face, slowing the pace of my life right down, and getting my art published in a magazine and 2 paintings selected for an upcoming book by a popular artist (due for release in 2016), can certainly bring on feelings of happiness.  As can practicing Mindfulness, really engaging my senses, body awareness and being fully present for my life.  But first I had to tumble down the well (so to speak).

"Little Buddha" (inspired by the film starring Keanu Reeves) 
Prints of this painting are available here:

And so telling the truth the only way I know how, the mirror side was that I got to find out that there were 'triggers' that could push my nervous system way beyond what it should be handling. After a July full of intense and unexpected pressures, I was diagnosed in early September with PTSD & C-PTSD (complex post traumatic stress disorder) with 9 major traumas identified stretching right back to my childhood….and since then I have gone on a bit of an adventure, out of absolute necessity and as a point of some urgency, delving even more deeply into what truly makes me happy.  

I have unexpectedly learnt a great deal on the way about this fascinating and completely misunderstood area ~ unresolved trauma…. which led on to a Mindfulness practice and slowing everything in my life right down, learning new ways of being in the world while I am guided to heal this 'injury' to body, mind and psyche with expert help.

I have also found His Holiness, the Dalai Lama to be a quintessential emissary when it comes to exploring the meaning of happiness and how we can attain it for ourselves.  

"Happiness is not something that comes ready made. It comes from your own actions" he says. 

I fell in love with a delightful story from writer Douglas Preston, who was fortunate enough to spend some time with the Dalai Lama when he visited Santa Fe, New Mexico in the 80's.  At the time, a young waitress in a cafe paused to ask an important question "What is the meaning of Life?" she said, and the Dalai Lama's reply to her was…

"The meaning of Life is happiness. Hard question is not "What is the meaning of Life?" That is easy question to answer!  No, hard question is what make happiness. Money? Big house? Accomplishment, Friends? Or…" (he paused) "Compassion and good heart? This is question all human beings must try to answer: What make true happiness?"

You can read Douglas's whole article over here >    
~ I think it gives a good insight into the character and beautiful nature of this incredible messenger of peace and happiness. 

And so I take with me some valuable realisations and new-found understandings into the next year…. a new year where I just know I will build upon what happiness this time has brought, often from very, very simple things -- like lazy Saturday mornings, cooking breakfast in the kitchen, toast and eggs, the sound of butter scraping over hot toast while tea brews and favourite music fills the room -- or a stick of fragrant incense -- the pleasure of walking and feeling wind or rain on my face, moonlight through the window, or watching a bird pass by high overhead.  Happiness. It's what we put into it. It's what we make it. 

And finally, I cannot overstate what it has meant to me having the closeness and support of my friend, as I have navigated through this challenging year. He was the one who recognised all the signs and helped me get my Doctor to hear me so I could be assessed properly and diagnosed. I was too lost in the woods to be able to see clearly what was happening.

I'm including a couple of useful links about PTSD and C-PTSD for anyone who suspects they may have unresolved trauma that is effecting their life, or is interested in what these conditions entail :

Blessings of beauty and mystery, till next time, 
Catherine Athena xo

Saturday, 1 November 2014

I've Been Published!

It happened on the day I was day 32 into a 40 day Yogic Healing Ancestral Karma Sadhana, and was beginning to hit a little resistance barrier. Anyone familiar with doing concerted work with positive affirmations or any other dedicated spiritual practice may well know that feeling! 

Spirituality & Health Magazine - November/December 2014 issue

You are seeing and feeling the changes already as your subconscious programming is going through a reformatting stage…your thinking and behaviour are shifting, and awkward feelings and resistance can surface for you to work through.  

With this particular yogic practice, if you miss a single day out of the 40, you are right back to starting at day 1 and you begin the 40 day count all over again. 

So here I was quite late at night. I'd been lying in bed peacefully for about 10 minutes, when suddenly I remembered I'd forgotten to do it and surprised myself by announcing loudly, 'I haven't done my sadhana!' 
I laughed as I rushed up, got dressed again and headed through to do my 11 minute ritual of using a hand mudra while chanting a mantra dedicated to healing my family line. 

Upon completion of the sadhana I was full of energy, and on a whim decided to quickly check my email before returning back to bed, and there was an email from the art director of Spirituality & Health Magazine, asking if they could license one of my paintings 'Gathering of Ancestors' for use as an editorial illustration for one of their articles on sweat lodges and saunas used in a therapy context.  They needed to hear back quite urgently so they could meet a deadline. I replied back there and then. 

My painting 'Gathering of Ancestors' with Stephen Colmant's article

The irony of the timing and subject matter was certainly not lost on me. Here I was in process with the Sadhana for healing my ancestral connections - I had felt the presence of relatives long departed gathered around me in the room as I did this. I had also recently been diagnosed with PTSD, and here was my painting entitled 'Gathering of Ancestors' selected for use with an article on healing PTSD and other disorders with Heat Therapy!  
I adore synchronistic happenings and continually delight in being reminded of the many strands of the web that connect us all together. 

As a featured Artist on the contributors page.

The magazine has arrived here today, just in time for it to go on sale across North America. Available at newsagents and by subscription on the Spirituality & Health website. So exciting!

Blessings of beauty,
Catherine Athena xo


Thursday, 30 October 2014

Meeting a Saint : Mid-week Mantras and Malas with Amma

"My Religion is Love." ~ Amma

I'd seen the announcement in a magazine that Amma was returning to London and I really wanted to go. I had read a bit about this remarkable living Saint who is 'embracing the world' spreading her love and blessings 'one hug at a time' and I thought this would be an amazing opportunity to receive darshan but also to give a little back myself -- I'd just been paid for one of my paintings to be licensed as part of an editorial piece in a magazine and wanted to tithe a portion of that money to someone who is spiritually feeding and nurturing so many others. She was coming…here was my chance.

Kindred Spirit Magazine advertisement - issue 131 - summer 2014

Amma (Sri Mata Amritanandamayi Devi) famously known as 'the hugging Saint', is a 61 year old Hindu guru whose ashram is based in Kerala India. It is said she emits Shakti energy, embodying the Divine Mother, and is an enlightened One who can help you traverse your suffering and open up to who you truly are, awakening compassion and kindness. 

There is a deeper purpose behind this too, and it is very much reflected in her humanitarian work - her foundation has raised millions and her devotees and volunteers are helping people in need on six continents. Distributing rice, milk and other staples to remote rural areas in India, 10 million meals every year, Mother's Kitchens in 41 cities across North America, feeding the hungry in Kenya, Australia, Spain, Southern France, Costa Rica and Mexico. 

Her foundation is responsible not only for the creation of 45,000 homes for the homeless, but also for hospitals and healthcare, schooling and scholarships for at-risk communities…. Vocational training and start-ups (with marketing assistance) to help 100,000 women who have never had jobs start their own home-based businesses, proved as an effective way to reduce poverty throughout entire communities. Lifetime pensions, financial aid to those desperately in need, more than a million trees planted worldwide, lotto-sized million dollars cheques to relief charities for areas suffering natural disasters - earthquakes, typhoons, hurricanes and floods globally…and on it goes.  

Amma Information Pamphlets 2014

This was someone I wanted to see for myself.  It was Devi Bhava night.  A special event that celebrates the feminine aspect of God (Devi Bhava literally translates as 'the mood of the Divine Mother') and Amma would give darshan as the Divine Mother in the way of Hindu tradition.  

So yesterday my friend Dan and I set off at 2 o'clock in the afternoon from Somerset, for the 7:00 pm event with our offerings in hand, thinking this would surely allow us plenty of time to reach London for this popular and well-attended event, but we soon found ourselves stuck in the frenetic craziness that is London traffic on the M25 ring road, and a trip that would normally take 2 and a half hours stretched to 5 and a half.  

I anxiously watched as 7pm came and went and still we were inching along in the light rain and grid-locked traffic.  I wondered at times if we would ever make it, but I just had to trust that if it was meant to be, we'd get there, and just let go into the feeling that everything was being perfectly guided by Amma herself. 

Very late, we finally arrived. Pulling into the car park and walking up to Alexandra Palace, we could see we were not the only ones who had been stuck in London's traffic chaos. Many others were only just arriving too and we found ourselves swept in through the entrance alongside other colorful-looking attendees. My heart sank momentarily when I asked one of Amma's helpers (wearing a pink sash), how and where we had to go to get our 'tokens' to see Amma, and was told that was 'closed'….. but would re-open after meditation.

The main hall was packed with rows upon row of seats, filled up already by attentive visitors, Amma's helpers and ashram staff. A talk on spiritual philosophy was underway, but we were still in time for the Puja ceremony and meditation.  Dan and I sat on the stone floor along with other latecomers. We meditated and chanted sanskrit mantras as a group of many hundreds strong, drank water blessed by Amma and then when that was over, the 'hugging token' lines reopened so we could get our precious 'token'. 

Dan and I rushed to join the start of that new Que..  We thought at least we would be early for that! Our timing was good and we were near the front of the line… to be swiftly followed by a sudden, enormous flood of people scurrying out to join in line behind us where we stood. Oh my goodness so many people!  

We were herded through into another room that had metal dividers (like you see set up for crowd control at rock concert ticketing and sports events), and we waited. I was amazed at the levels of efficient organisation.  Dan commented quietly that "these are some of the most experienced events organisers in the world…they've got this down pat, this is what they do."   It's true indeed!  

After a while we were sent through in single file and given a laminated paper square with a letter and number - this showed us our place in the order of those waiting.  

'The embraces' normally begin with those who had 'A1' then move onto 'A2', then 'A3' etc. The progress of the proceeding was indicated by the two darshan signs, with letters and numbers being flipped over as the next letter was announced. Amma was stationed on a platform at the front of the huge hall, with about 8 -10 attendants clustered tightly around her to orchestrate the finely-tuned machine.

Our tokens said 'V ZZ' which was a little alarming, and portended a 'hug-time' somewhere in the early hours of the morning!  But whatever. I was just so grateful to have gotten here safely and found the venue. It felt amazing to be here. 

Amma Darshan token

I had heard 'horror' stories about darshan night ongoings at the ashram in Kerala, and people waiting for HOURS amid desperation, pushing and shoving, some losing their place in the Que if they needed a loo break etc, and so was a little apprehensive about what we might be in for, but I shouldn't have worried. There was no vibes like that going on here. 

Once we had our hugging tokens firmly in hand we were free to wander around the bustling ready-made 'village' set up to cater to the thronging crowd. There was this beautiful all-pervading scent of Palo Santo (a mysterious and sweet, slightly coconuty fragrance) all through the room and everyone was in a friendly mellow mood as they browsed trader stalls laden with jewellery - gorgeous mala beads made from rudraksha seeds, tulasi wood, rosewood and an array of gemstones. I saw copper, silver and brass mantra bracelets and Om rings, deity pendants and jewellery worn by and blessed by Amma. 

There was a table of Indian fabrics and textiles, shoulder bags and buckwheat meditation cushions, incense, fragrant oils, Ayurvedic skincare and supplements, crystals, and lots of Amma items. In fact dozens of books, mantra CD's and her lecture series on DVD and audio, glossy photographs of every size imaginable from framable wall-art size to teeny-tiny images for wallets and lockets... Amma dolls too (along with dolls of Hindu deities).

This remarkable pop-up village also comprised impromptu yoga sessions going on in one corner of the hall, a juice bar, massage boutique, bohemian-looking people reclining on sheepskins beside their djembe drums,  a line of food stalls - offering vegetarian dishes in both Indian and Western options and an open dining area. There was a cashier for handling all the purchases, a stall selling pujas (rituals for peace, harmony and removing obstacles in your life), an information desk, an area for 'assisted darshans', a Seva desk for attendees to volunteer to help out (Seva - selfless service, work offered to God) and a university area showcasing the research and study courses available at Amma's 'Amrita University'.  I saw hippies and families having little carpet picnics on rugs and blankets they had laid out. Alternative fashions and indian mysticism very much on display in all its beautiful expression.

"Rudraksha- seeds of compassion"book, Shiva card, Sterling silver Om Namah Shivaya mantra bangle

I purchased a couple of lovely photographs of Amma and some deity cards, and Dan got me a fascinating book on Rudraksha and a wonderful five mukhi (5 faced) rudraksha bead pendant - associated with correspondences for Lord Shiver and Jupiter.  I was so delighted with them!

Amid the shopping we watched as the letters and numbers clicked over bit by bit - 'A' became 'F', then 'J', 'M' and 'O'.  We browsed the stalls and wandered around…we went outside and took in the misty, cool night air, looking skyward, feeling the constant, gentle rainfall on our faces as we gazed up at the glorious stained glass window on the front of Alexandra Palace.  And patiently we waited for the hours to pass. 

Back inside I talked with Amma's helpers and devotees. There was a lady from Iceland who mentioned how it was good to take any problems or challenges you faced in your life to Amma, and it was surprising how things miraculously healed in unexpected ways. Things, circumstances and situations, that had been at the time, outside of the realm of all possibility for resolution, came to pass, through asking for Amma's help and guidance.
I prepared a 'wish' in my thoughts that I would take to Amma when my audience with her finally came.  Dan had one ready to go too.

By the time the darshan sign reached 'R', Dan sat down for a while to rest and read. I found that walking around the stalls and admiring all the beautiful spiritual items on sale kept me alert and awake. This was like a long-distance all-nighter, long-haul flight with good shopping prospects and I was walking the aisles of this remarkable plane. Star-ship Amma. 

I was surprised by the numbers of people who were now suddenly lying down across two or three chairs in the half empty seated rows, and those I saw bundled on sheepskins, yoga mats covered with blankets along walls to sleep and in resting nocks around the building. Yes, this really was becoming like a long-haul flight (or departure lounge)… but then again, it was nearing 2am and the festival atmosphere was beginning to wane slightly…some folks beginning to look rather drained and tired. 

'S', T' then suddenly 'U'… I walked up to the attendant at the darshan line. He saw my expectant face, hopeful that my long-awaited 'V' session was just up ahead now, and he enquired what my letter/number combination was.  There were others with the same 'V ZZ' card who had seen me go up and gathered around us also. 

Our hopes were dashed when he explained that unfortunately our double letters after 'V' meant we would still have quite some time to wait… first there would be 'W, X, Y and Z' then the letters would start over again from 'A Z', 'B Z', C Z', D Z', then after 'Z Z', then it would be 'A ZZ', 'B ZZ' etc through to our 'V ZZ'. Realistically it might be 7 or 8am when that came around.  Dan overheard another of Amma's helpers saying to someone else that they had booked the hall out till midday that following morning. 

A young man in a groovy green T-shirt with an elaborate design suddenly arrived behind us and asked if there was a chance his 'Z ZZ' ticket might be being called up soon. I thought that this must surely be the Universes' idea of a little joke, letting him know he should probably go and get a little zzz shut eye, before the early morning dawned. We hugged each other to comiserate.  I suddenly realised why so many where camping out on the sidelines and getting some rest in the interim. Yes we were all in for the long haul. I really wondered how on earth Amma does it…hours at a stretch with no break at all. She is phenomenal.

The darshan attendant suggested I might like to keep myself busy and entertained by stopping over at the University stall, to see what they were doing… I joked that I would very likely have enrolled in one of their courses and graduated by the time 'V ZZ' came round!  
Amma's Integrated Amrita Meditation Technique Courses

Maybe that was the beginning of it… as we were first-timer visitors to Amma, and had never had darshan before, someone enquired on our behalf if we could be moved forward by some special dispensation. And before we knew it, we were sitting in the front row of chairs right at the front of the hall, our shoes off, waiting to go up on the platform barefoot. 

We clutched our offerings for Amma along with personal items to be blessed by her.  I had some brand new mala beads that I had carefully strung myself (and made a tassel for) back at home the previous week while I chanted a mantra into them as I worked on them. I also had a favourite silver bangle with the mantra 'Om Namah Shivaya' that I wanted to have blessed.  Dan had his Viking Society reenactment Drengr award Thor's Hammer in his hand ready to go… and we both had a secret 'wish' in mind to take to her. 

Amma Puja photograph and my hand strung rudraksha mala beads 

Suddenly we were up on the platform and in a line of single-file chairs that approached the conclave of Amma's domain.  It was then that I realised the answer to what had posed a riddle to me earlier on - that while I had been wandering around down in the hall below, I had noticed that even though I had been conscious that Amma was in the hall with us all (up on the platform) her energy was strangely not apparent there and almost felt a bit like we were wandering around her house looking at all her things but she wasn't home... and it was in this moment that it made perfect sense. She was holding the space so closely for the ritual that was being enacted up in this little circle, surrounded and guarded by her team of attendants, her focus being so very much on the person in front of her, that was were her energy was being held.

I watched the man on the chair in front of me being guided to kneel down in front of Amma, and being embraced by her, while they were surrounded by Amma's 5 or 6 immediate assistants who made sure the proceedings ran like clock-work. In a fleeting moment it would be my turn.  The attendant beside me asked what language I spoke, 'What my first language was?'…'English', she nodded and put my silver bangle around the tips of of my fingers where I held my mala beads ready. 'She will bless these for you and put them on you', she said...then she instructed me to 'Kneel, move closer, closer. Bend from the waist into the hug.' Everything was directed to the letter.

Amma photograph, Five Mukhi Rudraksha bead, Sterling silver Om Namah Shivaya bangle

Amma was smiling, wearing a silver crown in her role as the Divine Mother. She touched my mantra bracelet and mala beads and placed the mala over my head. She pulled me to her. I was wrapped in an incredibly warm embrace, warm, safe and completely nurturing in a way that is so difficult to describe, while she whispered words in her language, Malayalam (the native language of Kerala, India) into my ear. I was talking to her in my mind, presenting my 'wish'. The hug went on longer than I expected, it just kept going. I got to say (mentally) what I needed to in those seconds that seemed to stretch on for ages. It was a very interesting sensation, like she was in my mind at that moment and was a very much receiving my words. She heard me. 

When I had finished this thought dialogue with her, she released me, and pressed some rose petals and a little sweet (prasad) into my hand. I was swiftly helped up and whisked away to the aisle by an attendant. 
Amma Prasad sweet and Rose petals

Moments later Dan, newly hugged also, was back beside me. We were so grateful to the pink-sash attendant who had fast-tracked us. It was now 2:14am and it had really happened!  
Dan felt quietly happy and full, and I was strangely elated, we both felt like we had just had our hearts opened by (and to) this incredible Saint from India. I felt close to her in a way I did not expect. 

Grateful to have Dan there on these sorts of spiritual adventures, he is a deeply sensitive intuitive and shared an observation as we re-entered the damp misty London night, "She scans people and she knows what they need" he said.  I completely agree, that's what I was sensing too. 

It felt incredible to be back home and finally in bed at 4:30am after a highly memorable and magical evening. So much honey in my heart. 

To find out more about Amma  and the Mata Amritanandamayi Mission Trust please visit:   and
To follow her on Facebook:

Blessing of beauty,
Catherine Athena xo

Tuesday, 28 October 2014

Filling The Creative Well

A commonly asked question for artist's & creatives is ''How do you stay inspired?'' or "What do you do when you are stuck and don't feel like painting?"  … It's a good question and I think it's a good practice to have something practical to fall back on when those inevitable fallow times come, the brief seasons we get when the artistic fields need to rest before re-planting.  Nature has her cycles and it can't be high-tide and high-summer all year round! 

For me personally, periods of resting and reflection are absolutely vital to replenish. And even when I am in full-flow making mode, a walk out in nature or riding my vintage bicycle around the streets can provided a much-needed break in the routine…. Or my very favourite way to reboot is to visit a quirky little store in town that I find inspiring and always makes me feel like I am 're-filling the well' {a little mini artist's date a'la Julia Cameron} then I go home, put some music on, reach for my art supplies and get down to it.

I'd love to hear how you come 'unstuck' and stay inspired… Please go ahead and leave a comment below this post.   

Blessings of the golden Fall,
Catherine Athena xo

Thursday, 23 October 2014

A Moment of Gratitude

I'm grateful today for the changing season… the beauty of Fall and the autumn leaves twirling down in the dancing breeze. So much to be delighted about.

Artist's have many muses and places we draw inspiration from…Often from our connection to little things in our lives and in the outside world.

Here's a little video from the Cre8ive Klatch group showcasing some of the things we are grateful for….our signs of gratitude…. the music reminds of Sex & The City!

Wishing you all a week of inspired creativity!
Love & Blessings,
Catherine Athena xo

Monday, 6 October 2014

Cre8ive Klatch Interview

The Cre8ive Klatch creativity group asked me some questions on my art journey and process… Here's the interview: 

Getting To Know The Cre8ive Crew: Catherine Athena Louise

Please give a warm welcome to Catherine Athena Louise!

She is from Auckland, New Zealand originally, and has been living 
in England for the past 13 years.... yes, she is a dual citizen! 
Cat Athena Louise

What kind of art is your passion? 

I’m very eclectic (continually restless and love to change things up
 often) -- I have noticed that Photography lights me up, as does the
 fluid and bright marks only watercolor can make, and I’m crazy 
about collage and mixed media too!

How does it make you feel when you're creating 

I feel alive and connected to something far greater than myself. I 
also experience a sense of peace and timelessness (transcendence)
 as I go into the ‘zone’

Describe your personality in three words. 

Sensitive, Instinctual, Passionate

When/how did you realize your life had to have art in it? 

I realised it very early on as a child, and when I was spending all my
 lunch breaks in college in the art room creating fervently, it became very apparent!


Has being artistic changed your life or outlook in any way? 

Yes, I notice the tiny little details, textures and subtle nuances around me and I often smile at how things play themselves out, the irony of how life truly does imitate art. Artists often think they are creating something outside of themselves, but it’s all self-portraits. All of it. They are expressing what is inside of themselves. I find it very intimate and revealing.

Would you say your entire way of life is creative? 

Yes, it feeds into every area of my life. I feel it when I pick up a camera, arrange items on an altar, strike a stick of incense alight... the kinds of meals I cook, the bicycle I ride, the crazy way I stack dishes in Dr.Seuss-like piles for washing up, the kind of jewellery I wear. 

Whats your superpower? 

Intuition is my superpower. I’ve been told that by too many people now to ignore.
If you could hang out with any artist dead or alive who would it be and why? 

Oh my goodness, that would be incredible and naturally I’m struggling to name just one... Pablo Picasso would be a total firecracker to spend time with -- he has such a wildly eclectic range of styles I could never be bored. He seemed very self-assured and confident in his approach. I’d also love to hang out with Ernst Ludwig Kirchner and his Die Brücke German Expressionist friends...I love their wild frenetic mark-making and fauvist colors. I’s be equally happy hanging with Annie Leibovitz in her studio and learning about her hyper-honest style of portraiture photography... Or navigating Andy Warhol’s ‘Factory’ amid the film-making, stencil cutting and screen printing. Bliss! 

Which side of the bed do you sleep on? Can you sleep if forced to change sides? 

The Left side and yes I do struggle to fall to sleep (at least for a few nights till I adjust) if I ever have to change sides.

Are you an introvert or extrovert? How do you feel about that? 

I’m a perfect hybrid. I land right down the centre of the intro/extro spectrum...and that’s very true. I can be extremely zany and wildly expressive in how I communicate and also incredibly quiet, private and observant and need to be left all depends on my mood at the time and the company I am in as to which way that coin will fall. 
Signs of Spring
 Whats your most embarrassing moment? 

Oh there have been so many! One that immediately comes to mind was turning up for a job interview to find the front reception desk completely unattended, and only a sign on the wall, placed near a switch, saying ‘ring for attention’. Well I could see no bell to ring so clicked the switch (placed beside the sign) and suddenly..... all the lights in the building went off! Blimey, talk about instantly getting everyone’s should have seen them running out to find out what had happened! 

Pick two celebrities to be your parents...who and why. 

I think my inner-artist child would be in perfect company with Tim Burton and Helena Bonham Carter as my celebrity parents....I think creativity and self-expression would be encouraged in every possible way and from every angle in that household! Neil Gaiman and Amanda Palmer I reckon would also be awesome.

If we all came to your house for dinner what would you make for us?

Vegetarian Spaghetti Bolognese followed by an Indian rice pudding flavoured with cardamon pods and rose-water... It’s the rice pudding equivalent of turkish delight! Incredible. 

Those are great answers!

For more of Catherine Athena and her artwork please click on the links below:



Till next time….Blessings of beauty,
Catherine Athena xo

Tuesday, 16 September 2014

The Art Desk Uncensored {Not Photoshopped Campaign}

I always smile when I see the curvaceous 'real' women in the 'Not Photoshopped' T-shirts, and now it's time for the Artist's work table version of that campaign!   Yes, we are showing it all, keeping it real in Seth Apter's 'Studio Table' blog showcase.   Real artists' tables and how their spaces actually look… messy, chaotic, wild, crazy and of course, worked on. 

As you can see from the little bird's-eye-view peek I show below, I don't have much of a storage system going on…something I am looking to remedy soon. Currently I have boxes with other art materials & supplies under the table also.  I'd love to get one (or two!) of those wheeled storage trolleys that I can stack all my supplies in.  

I tend to spread out and take up a lot of space… ending up over the entire ancient wooden art table, sometimes taking over large areas on the floor also when I am sorting collaging papers and cutting things up.  

I'm naturally quite a messy person… but have had to learn (particularly painting with watercolors) that a paint-covered work surface can lead to unwanted marks on white areas of paper I was hoping to stay white, so I have learnt the hard way to try keep the drawing board (under the paint-marked plexiglass) as clean as possible…and I ALWAYS have painters' drop cloths down over the carpets!      

So here goes… This is my table from above…. (click on the image for a larger view)

Please come join the fun, as we celebrate real, uncensored artist's tables over at Seth's blog on Thursday 18 September 2014  >>

Wishing you a beautiful week of creativity! 
Catherine Athena xo

Ps. Nearly a year on, and I'm showing my table and new workspace once more over here… August 17, 2015 version {please come on over and visit} >>

• • •My journey through the senses• • •

taste:: Crisp juicy apples
smell:: Rain on fresh cut grass
touch:: Yoga Mat under my toes
see:: Crystal rainbow light-flares as the sun strikes through the window pane
hear::  Haunting, melancholy calls of Canada Geese flying overhead as they head south for the Winter
think:: Happy thoughts regardless
feel:: Wonderfully optimistic & ready
read:: iPhone photo app instruction guides - always lots to learn!
intuit:: "Winter is coming" {and not in a 'Game of Thrones' kinda way!}…It's the migrating Geese that stir it in me.

Monday, 15 September 2014

Revisiting The Alchemist ~ part 2

"Our only obligation in Life is to discover and honour our personal legend… and to fulfil it"

"When you want something, all the Universe conspires in helping you to achieve it"

I found myself watching closely for omens since watching last weeks episode of Oprah's 'Super Soul Sunday" and one sign came very quickly…well before I thought I was ready.  The Universe can see the bigger picture so much better than we can from our limited viewpoint, so I took it on board.

When you see it, you feel the impetus and ACT, even if you are afraid to act, amazing things can happen, and often very quickly too, if we are on the right track.

So here's Part 2 of Oprah talking with author Paulo Coelho about his beloved fable 'The Alchemist'.

If you missed Part 1 of his interview, and want to hear about my synchronistic meeting with Paulo, click here to find that  >>

Blessings of beauty and mystery,
Catherine Athena xo

Friday, 12 September 2014

Watching omens and following signs ~ Revisiting The Alchemist

I've always loved Paulo Coelho's 'The Alchemist, from the very first moment I caught sight of the artwork on the cover, the violet, gold and lilac, the deeply intriguing symbology, and then when I read the synopsis on the back cover... naturally I had to buy a copy.

It's one of those books that reminds me of my purpose, my own personal legend… it's a map that helps me hold my course during times when I've got to hold tight to the mast, waiting for the storm to pass.

Anyway, today I find myself feeling very inspired and re-focused after listening to this little interview… Oprah's 'Super Soul Sunday', speaking here with Paulo Coelho about his most beloved fable 'The Alchemist', discussing omens and signs, following our dreams and becoming fluent in the language of the World.

I met Paulo in 1998 back in Auckland City and he asked me a rather remarkable question... (several in fact)

It felt like one of the 'omens' straight out of the story when I was invited to attend a book signing for his latest book 'The Fifth Mountain' being held at Pathfinder Bookshop, New Gallery Building on Lorne Street in the city.

I arrived early and was outside rummaging in my bag when I heard a voice behind me ask "Are you here to interview me?" in Portuguese-toned English.  
I turned and found myself face-to-face with the celebrated author himself, taken completely by surprise.

"No," I said, "but it's wonderful to meet you…"
He signed my First Edition paperback of 'The Alchemist' there and then - the first signing before the event had even begun.
I remembered to ask him a 'million pound' question I had been musing on since reading another of his works - and so here was my chance. I asked about one of the characters he mentioned in his book 'The Valkyries' and named who I thought that person had been in his life. It clearly piqued his interest, and he turned to his assistant, smiled widely and said "This girl knows who the character is in the Valkyries!"

I stayed to hear him talk about his new book (front row, right at his feet) and then afterwards, as the signing of newly purchased copies began in earnest up at the head of a huge line of people, I went to pick up my motorcycle helmet to head home, I heard that accent again, calling to me across the room, "You need to go so soon?"

He said he'd like to talk to me afterwards, and could I wait for him?   I stayed on and after the final person left, we disappeared up the escalator into the closed Art Gallery part of the building above the bookshop.

Imagine my surprise when the first question of this strange synchronistic meeting was Paulo asking me, "Do you believe you have the Soul of a Witch?"  There was a long pause as I considered my answer carefully.

"Yes," I replied, "I would have to say that I do."  "Because for me, that term is an ancient one that comes from a word that speaks of women and men who understood plants and animal spirits and healing with Earth's energies…" *  Oh course I use vastly different terms to describe myself these days.

We spoke of others things to… like the Souls journey through time, important stuff like that.   He gave me his business card and asked me to write to him.

The whole evening felt like such a wonderful celebration, an very unexpected meeting and connection, making memories that enrich the journey and last a lifetime. 

Blessings of beauty and the golden Autumn light,
Catherine Athena  xo   

Ps. If you enjoyed this blog post and would like to read more...Part 2 continues over here >                                 

---  ---  ---  ---  ---  ---  ---  ---  ---  ---  ---  ---  ---  ---  ---  --- 
* From interviews given in 2006 / 2007 on the release of "The Witch of Portobello",  Paulo says "Unfortunately the word 'witch' still has many prejudices.  To me, a witch is a woman that is capable of letting her intuition take hold of her actions, that communes with her environment, that isn't afraid of facing challenges. In my latest novel, I precisely talk about the prejudice that modern witches face in modern society."

"A witch was a person who never complied with the established rules, and always tried to dare and go beyond and to celebrate life, and to love and to have joy and pleasure while doing this."