Saturday, 26 January 2013

Signs of Spring

Imbolc, the old Celtic fire festival of the returning light is on February 1st,  just 6 days away now. . . It heartens me that even though the coldest month is still to come, February heralds the start of Springtime.

My new painting ~ Signs of Spring 
Watercolor on Aquafine Aquarelle paper 16 x 12"

Catherine Athena xo 

Sunday, 6 January 2013

One Little Word 2013 - Expressive

It's that time of year again! Time to choose a guiding word for 2013.  This is a real powerful way to set an intention for the whole year.  Setting a theme.  Rather than New Years' resolutions, I find this to be an inspiring and heartening way to stay on purpose throughout the days, weeks and months ahead. It's my birthday today too...the start of my own personal 'New Year' round the wheel of the Sun, so it's a good time to start!

The word you choose can be like having a North Star in view, a compass for navigating your way and you can check in with yourself to see how this word is coloring and shaping your experiences (and how you might be responding) and if you need to recalibrate or adjust course a little to stay on track.  

I like to choose a word for my year that intuitively feels right and also one that somehow makes me feel a little scared too, scared in a good way, the kind of *respectfully nervous* I feel when I am taking on something that I sense will stretch my comfort zone and help me grow to a new level.  

My 2013 word :: Expressive :: feels like the kind of word that might just change my life if it let it! 


Adjective Effectively conveying thought or feeling  
Conveying (the specific quality or idea)  
Synonyms  significant - eloquent - meaningful - telling

I began to sit with this word as the energy of it started coming in around me at the Mid-Winter Solstice. I found myself mind-mapping associations around what this word might also mean to me on many different levels. 

And because a picture (or few) is worth a thousand words....


Wishing you a beautiful 2013! Catherine Athena xo