Monday, 17 February 2020

The Heart of All Knowing : The Alchemist

Dear friends and readers, 

Paulo Coelho's magical book "The Alchemist" has been an inspiring North Star compass point for my life and journey ever since I first read it back in 1996. 

The fable held within the pages uncannily mirrors my own path... 
I too once set out on a voyage right across the world seeking adventure and my heart's desire, to ultimately find myself coming around full circle and finding the treasure I was seeking was right there in front of me, at that starting point, there all along. 

So when I need a little nudge to remind myself that everything is on track and exactly as it should be, and the motivation to hold on tight and keep following my dream, this is the book I return back to. I hold the imagery and lessons close in my heart.  

I love this interview -- click on the link here>> Paulo talks to Oprah about "The Alchemist" 

And I love remembering back to the day I met the Paulo Coelho myself. In my own words : Blog post Part 1 >>

Love and blessings on the way to following your personal Legend...

Catherine Athena xo

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