Thursday, 1 August 2013

Crazy-in-Love with Collage

I do a lot of watercolor and decided to mix it up this week and do something a little different for a change. Secretly, I've always been just a little bit *crazy-in-love* with collage. I adore the depth and layers it brings to art work... and the unique one-offness you get using clippings & items of found ephemera that are hard (next to impossible)  to duplicate.

I've been playing around this week, experimenting with torn papers and glue and then color as I add transparent layers of paint over the top. Here are a couple I've been working on...

Beach Hut ~ mixed media paper collage and acrylic on paper

Blue Dog Star ~ mixed media paper collage and acrylic on paper

Wishing you a week full of creative play! 
Catherine Athena xo


  1. ciao sono italiana. e mi chiamo Margherita. Ti ho trovato attraverso kelly rae roberts... sei una brava artista... complimenti... e sei possibilitarian! questo vuol dire che abbiamo molto in comune...

    1. Ciao Margherita, mi chiamo neozelandese che ama l'Italia, e non parlo bene l'italiano! Grazie tanto per le sue cortesi parole. Restiamo in attesa di vedere la vostra arte sul vostro sito web. Grazie per entrare in contatto! Benedizioni, Cat.


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