Sunday, 30 December 2018

Word of the Year 2019 : Luxury

Hi dear readers and friends,

I haven't done a word of the year one-word mantra for a couple of years now... But with 2019 just a day away I feel strongly called to set a theme.

I know from past experience how powerful setting intentions are, and what happens when I run with a guiding word for the year. It really does unleash a way to explore my inner and outer life.  Things happen that show me all sides of that word-theme, like a magic spell. So here goes : 2019  - LUXURY

That word, that feeling. It gets me thinking.... What are my own personal luxuries? What feels luxurious to body and Soul? (as self care) What are my 'luxury items'? What feels like a complete luxury to me, decadent, indulgent even? 

In a world where so many are going without daily on even the absolute basics - like clean water, air and basic shelter, the word 'Luxury' also has me also thinking of all the things the rest of us take so readily for granted that could be deemed lavish, frivolous and priviledged from a first world perspective.  It's good to sit with that too and step into the accompanying feeling that can't help but come up for me : GRATITUDE.

To me they go hand-in-hand. I just can't seem to feel into one without the other appearing. I'm finding it's such an important time on Earth to not take anything for granted.

To me, this feeling of Luxury can be anything from a bottle of beautiful Organic Buckwud 100% pure Canadian Maple Syrup, to a Vitruvi essential oil stone diffuser from Goop, to smashing right out through glass ceilings into all kinds of things I never thought possible for myself.

This all started when someone close to me described the Sacred Drumming Practitioner Training course I was taking in 2017 as a 'luxury item'. That really got me thinking. It's something not everyone who would want to would get to do, for sure... and that naturally led me into feeling a huge wave of gratitude for how I was able to allow this and give this to myself.  To work with the drum this way has felt like such a gift - I'm absolutely blessed and very lucky.
And so in 2019, I'm going to be exploring Luxury....while keeping one eye firmly on being grateful all the way...

Love and blessings,
Catherine Athena xo

• • •My journey through the senses• • •
taste::  Tangerine oranges - my whole body is reveling in a good hit of natural sourced Vit. C!
smell::  Dusk essential oil blend billowing from my Vitruvi diffuser
touch:: Strong leather gardening gloves have proved to be a must-have for reclaiming brambley land.
see::  Fanatastic Beasts - The Crimes of Grindlewald - Surprises me to say it, but seriously one of the most magical films I have seen in years!
hear:: "Yes, that is possible."
think:: "I can do this."
feel:: Excited
read:: The Four Agreements - Don Miguel Ruiz
intuit:: Another powerful year of changes ahead. Happy New Year 2019! I'm ready for you! 


  1. Beautiful thoughts! It is so true that we are surrounded by luxury and may not even really take it all in and appreciate it as such. Love how luxury and gratitude are intertwined!


    (found you through Indie Kindred) : )

    1. Hey Katherine, Wishing you a wonderful 2019! I'm enjoying your website. Thanks for visiting my blog and posting your link. Blessings, C xo

    2. It's wonderful to connect to other creative spirits through Indie Kindred! Have a very luxurious and joyful year!


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