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The Bach Centre Part 3 :: Meaningful Pilgrimages and Healing Journeys

Dear Friends,

This is the final part of my three part blog-journey, around the garden and home of Dr.Edward Bach, creator of the World renowned Bach Flower Remedies.

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So on we go….
As you come through the front door of the cottage, there is another room off to the right (the staircase in the middle divides them - and leads up to an office and space that is now a small museum displaying Dr.Bach's belongings. At the time of my visit this museum was being prepared but not yet open to view)  

This room on the right is the lounge or sitting room, leading through to a small shop and administration office at the back of the house. 
The room has a small fireplace, some glass cases on the wall showing some older Bach flower bottles and a book case full with many different books on the remedies.  Most of these can be purchased from the shop, along with wall charts, boxed kits of the remedies and other gifts. 

Some Vintage Bach Flower Bottles

No pligrimage to learn more about a beloved 'teacher in Spirit' would feel complete without seeing where he rests eternal. I heard that Dr Bach is buried in the village churchyard, 50 yards or so from the Bach Centre. 

I was the only person in my class who took the opportunity to wander the lanes and seek his final resting place. This I must admit surprised me, as there were many other like myself from other parts of the world, some having travelled in from as far away as Canada and parts of Eastern Europe to be here.  

After wandering the churchyard I found him.  His headstone reads 'Edward Bach 1886 - 1936    Behold I am Alive for Evermore'  - and with the legacy he has left us, yes, that is indeed the case.  

I stayed there for a while musing the impact on my life this man's work has had, the debt of gratitude I feel for this alternative healing method (that in in such ready harmony with my body and mind) for the sacrifices he made, which were not inconsiderable,  to commit to the creation and public use of these remedies - no small thing in 1930's England.   

I placed an Apple beside the candle I found already there. A biodegradable offering befitting of one now in the Otherworld. 

…And lastly,
My books and Certificate…. And my own set of boxed remedies

Having my own remedies to hand has allowed me to go much deeper into experiencing the healing levels of these plant spirits.  I have found many ways of applying them - internally, and externally on pulse points, and on meridians and acupuncture points like *Floral Acupuncture* - psychic healers have described 'seeing' the changes to someones' aura after a remedy is placed on an acupuncture point… watching the change in color and the sealing over / healing of tears in the subtle body. Using the flower essences this way begins the healing of the etheric field - the energetic body where illness and disharmony enters into the physical body, working inward through a blockage imprint in the luminous light body. 

Bach Flowers are a beautiful and holistic way of taking charge of our own healing and emotional, spiritual, physical wellbeing

Me, wrapped in winter coat on the path to Mount Vernon.

I hope you have enjoyed this tiny window into the Bach Flower Centre.  Perhaps I will visit it again one day in the high Summer when the garden is at its zenith of color and radiance. I am told it is a very different garden when all the plants are in bloom and full of life-force and vitality! 

If you would like to learn more about the Bach Flower Remedies I highly recommend these books:
and this wonderful book (an essential guide!):

Blessings of Beauty and Mystery, Catherine Athena xo

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