Tuesday, 3 May 2016

Painting Dreams

Dear friends and readers,

My deep love of fairytales goes on.

Having let the image of my dream-visitor, the Black Woodpecker (whom I wrote about in this post) integrate fully with me, having taken in his gifts, I felt strongly compelled to call him deeper into this world through a painting, so that he now exists for me here too... brought to life and now living within a fairytale landscape I see in my mind's-eye.

Initial sketch up. 

In process. Me at work in my studio.
{click on image for full view}

This felt like such an important and empowering way to work with dreams I receive like this... To acknowledge them and bring them into form somehow, giving them a voice and honoring them. Opening the door and inviting further dialogue.

For those of you who also adore fairytales like I do, archetypal landscapes, little cottages in the woods and mysterious dark visitors who come knocking, I now have art prints of this painting available in my store >  https://society6.com/product/black-woodpecker_print#1=45

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Thanks for stopping by and visiting me today. 
Here's to dreaming strong! 

BlueSky Blessings, 
xo, Catherine Athena

• • •My journey through the senses• • •
taste:: Fresh Blueberries and cool water
smell:: Rose incense giving me a lift of the Spirit
touch:: A beautiful Turquoise stone set in silver
see:: The sun setting through my window beyond my desk
hear:: Lana Del Rey
think:: Healing starts on the inside and I am always willing to show up and do the healing work
feel:: Life is reflecting back some wonderful new affirmations
read:: Grimm's Fairytales - edited by Dr. Clarissa Pinkola Estes
intuit:: These 5 planets in retrograde right now are giving me valuable time to reassess my life!

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