Thursday, 24 December 2015

Sensing the Sacred

Dear friends,
More and more I find very simple things makes my heart sing….
After the busiest shift at work in months… me and my man escaped into the woods to feel the chill air in our lungs, drink in the restorative pure energy of the trees and be as far from the hustle and bustle of consensus society as possible.
As the sun painted the clouds with the last color bursts of the day we headed into the wilds…
Slipping in the mud and clambering up hills as the golden orb of the moon rose behind the lines of skeletal trees on the ridge…
Two crows calling to each other as they fly low overhead, cutting stark silhouettes against the sky, heading home to roost.
Enjoying my other senses strengthening as my night vision picks out the trail through the gloaming, darkening woods by moonlight. I had a perfect Jungian fairytale moment, surrendering to being in the 'Underworld' {of the deep dark, woods} totally expecting the woodcutter or wolf to step out from the trees any second. This is my kind of Christmas Eve.
Wishing you all a beautiful Christmas and the magic of the untamed Soul,
Catherine Athena xo

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