Friday, 9 October 2015

The Times They Are A Changing

Dear readers, 

I always find this time of year very wonderful…and powerful. There seems to be a magic charge and excitement tangible in the air, all kinds of possibilities are swirling around in the ethers, laced with a certain divinely-guided element of chaos and spookiness too.

I personally think it has much to do with Samhain coming up at the close of this month, and the sort of party-spirit revelry and mischief that comes with that, coupled with the hallowed-edge of mystery as the veils between the Worlds thin.  Our departed Ones and Ancestors draw in closer to the hearth fires that warm and gladden them and the food offerings we share in remembrance of those who hold us and guide us from the other side. 

Jack'O Lantern at Samhain ~ North Wales 2006 ~ Cat Athena Louise ©

Today I've really been feeling it. The mystery, the charge.  In the starry-skied heavens above Mercury has gone direct at last, and the vibes are distinctly similar to that of a New Moon energy flowing in and just generally lifting the mood and making things easier. The new Moon is now just days away too.

On the flip side, there is so much change going on in my personal world, it is almost unparalleled. Of course it is happening on a wider level too, being played out all too clearly on the World stage, globally for us all to witness.  There is a lot of fear and confusion, turbulence and uncertainty resulting from that for so many people right now.  

My astrologer friends tell me that these remarkable 'realignments' that are taking place collectively for humanity, this awakening, this bringing in of the New Paradigm that is being birthed on our planet, is going to be unfolding for some time yet… It started in earnest in 2008 and will continue through to 2024, as the Divine Feminine and Masculine come back into eqilibrilum and balance.  This patriarchal time of control and systems that do not nurture the planet or ourselves in a sustainable way, are dying away.  The transition is underway to return harmony and co-operation both inwardly and outwardly. A huge healing is taking place.  

Anyone who has ever done a juice cleanse will know that things often feel so much worse before they get clearer (better). You just can't clean a house without stirring up some dust!     

As this unfolds I draw inward. More and more I am deepening into a full body-mind-spirit understanding that truly "no problem can be solved from the same level of consciousness that created it." (thank you Albert Einstein)… 

If we really want change in the World, it has to come from within first….through loving and healing ourselves… actively engaging our shadows and wounding so that we are no longer projecting the pain and hurt into the mirror-world that manifests as if by magic outside of ourselves.  It starts with us… Never before has it been more important to truly do the inner Soul work on ourselves and "be the change we wish to see in the world." 

I write these words as a reminder for myself and for anyone with the courage to journey beyond the obvious.

Bright Blessings ~ Self Portrait ~Cat Athena Louise © 

May your October be filled with joy and Light,
Blessings of beauty, 
Catherine Athena xo

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