Monday, 17 August 2015

New Studio Space

There have been some big and very necessary changes going over here to my work space….

I ended up moving my studio room to another part of the house completely, when neighbour noise was preventing me from getting anything much done at all... We are talking neighbours who are complete TV addicts and have their TV set on for up to 14 - 16 hours a day through sub-woofer speakers. This was going on right underneath my work room / art making space. I just couldn't think straight. It's not so good for maintaining a creative head space in any way or any how.

After trying to negotiate with them, reason with them, talking to the landlord to try find ways to make it workable, it just wasn't working out.  I even found myself retreating to the bedroom in the evenings and using our King size bed as a painting surface to have some much needed respite from the constant pumping bass and have a quiet space to paint! You really do have to do whatever you have to….
On Instagram at the time : 

Me at work last night. When the need to create becomes stronger than the "not having the appropriate space to work" And i bring the 39"x 39" canvas to my bedroom. #crimsonphoenix #ipaintwhereverican #gottapaint #yangenergy #bornyearoftherooster  

So our self-initiated Moving Day came around.  I shifted the entire flat right around -- like a complete 180 degree flip over,  so that what had previously been our storage room become my studio and vice versa.. and this complete move around happened via the kitchen and our bedroom. It was all-out chaos. Basically just like moving house all over again!   

But it was so worth it… finally I was settled in a quiet room and could actually get something done…a wave of instant productivity descended rather suddenly upon me, as I realised you can't take anything for granted -- least of all a space to paint in -- and THREE days later my new website was launched! {}

And so here I am now in a small space that feels almost like a quirky little dorm room with bookcases lining most of the walls…and my desk, and the painting table Viking shields, and more. 

I love it. This feels good. 

It all comes back to this little mantra…. 
……whatever that may be, and however that might look for you. 

Till next time, 
Blessings of beauty, 
Catherine Athena xo

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  1. I love the positive energy happening for you right now! It's so important for spaces to feel right.


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