Saturday, 1 November 2014

I've Been Published!

It happened on the day I was day 32 into a 40 day Yogic Healing Ancestral Karma Sadhana, and was beginning to hit a little resistance barrier. Anyone familiar with doing concerted work with positive affirmations or any other dedicated spiritual practice may well know that feeling! 

Spirituality & Health Magazine - November/December 2014 issue

You are seeing and feeling the changes already as your subconscious programming is going through a reformatting stage…your thinking and behaviour are shifting, and awkward feelings and resistance can surface for you to work through.  

With this particular yogic practice, if you miss a single day out of the 40, you are right back to starting at day 1 and you begin the 40 day count all over again. 

So here I was quite late at night. I'd been lying in bed peacefully for about 10 minutes, when suddenly I remembered I'd forgotten to do it and surprised myself by announcing loudly, 'I haven't done my sadhana!' 
I laughed as I rushed up, got dressed again and headed through to do my 11 minute ritual of using a hand mudra while chanting a mantra dedicated to healing my family line. 

Upon completion of the sadhana I was full of energy, and on a whim decided to quickly check my email before returning back to bed, and there was an email from the art director of Spirituality & Health Magazine, asking if they could license one of my paintings 'Gathering of Ancestors' for use as an editorial illustration for one of their articles on sweat lodges and saunas used in a therapy context.  They needed to hear back quite urgently so they could meet a deadline. I replied back there and then. 

My painting 'Gathering of Ancestors' with Stephen Colmant's article

The irony of the timing and subject matter was certainly not lost on me. Here I was in process with the Sadhana for healing my ancestral connections - I had felt the presence of relatives long departed gathered around me in the room as I did this. I had also recently been diagnosed with PTSD, and here was my painting entitled 'Gathering of Ancestors' selected for use with an article on healing PTSD and other disorders with Heat Therapy!  
I adore synchronistic happenings and continually delight in being reminded of the many strands of the web that connect us all together. 

As a featured Artist on the contributors page.

The magazine has arrived here today, just in time for it to go on sale across North America. Available at newsagents and by subscription on the Spirituality & Health website. So exciting!

Blessings of beauty,
Catherine Athena xo



  1. Love it! The painting looks great on their pages.

  2. That is wonderful, Cat! Congratulations! The artwork is gorgeous, you did a great job.


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