Monday, 23 December 2013

Yule Tide Sparkle - New Supplies!

A Wuthering Heights-worthy storm is blowing up outside and I'm snuggled indoors, watching the slate clouds through the window. They zoom across the stark tree-silhouetted sky, buffeted by high winds that pushes them onward... Rain pounds the windows. It's morbidly romantic weather and today, I just love it.

The holidays are over and it's back to work again through till my Birthday in early January. 

Taking a short break to celebrate Yule and the Solstice was wonderful. I relished the s l o w leisurely pace, lazy breakfasts, long walks, bookstores, movies and divine dinners with my man. 

The Postman brought new shiny things to play with in the studio. 
This Faber-Castell colored pencil set completely delights me... What can I say? New art in the works with this gorgeous rainbow of colors. Moments like this add a lot of of sparkle to an otherwise windy grey day! 
Catherine Athena xo

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