Friday, 10 May 2013

New Moon and a New Store!

This has been a long while coming. I have been waiting for the timing to be right, to move ahead in this direction and at last the energies are just perfect!

Those who know me well, know that I always work with the tides and currents, the way the Moon is flowing and ebbing, never against her, and that way things develop easily in harmony and with least resistance.

Today we had the New Moon and solar eclipse in Taurus ~ the auspices in the horoscope felt so aligned;  "10 May 2013 ~ A time of growth and stability, looking at working with your personal assets and tending to your talents.  Create beautiful, practical plans for the future..."

And so, as the New Moon came into her full power at 1:28am this morning (it was still the 9th May over in America - being 6+ hours behind us) there was a little celebration party going on here with friends and family as I pushed the button and activated my online store.

I am delighted to announce that I have partnered with "Fine Art America" and prints of my paintings are now available for the very first time.  Fine Art America lets you choose the size, style and frame etc, so you can now get my artwork as art prints, canvases, acrylics, framed prints, and even metal prints! ...And they ship out all over the World!

You can find them over here:

Please come visit and have a look!

Wishing you all a bright new Moon day!

Catherine Athena xo


  1. Congrats, Cat, on this big move!

  2. So wonderful! Happy wishes with this new venture!

  3. From a fellow moonchild, Good Luck! Congrats! Beautiful work!

  4. Congrats Cat. I wish you the best with this new venture!!

  5. Congratulations! I checked out your gallery and lingered with a smile :)

    My wildish dream is my fave :)

    Best wishes!

  6. Congratulations, Cat! I wish you all the best with your new venture!

  7. So happy and proud of you! I know this took a lot of trust and confidence. And your work is magically marvellous! Congrats Cat!

  8. Thank you SO MUCH for all of your lovely's incredibly heartwarming for me! And so very appreciated. Lots of LOVE, Cat x


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