Wednesday, 27 March 2013

Norse Fairytale

Norse Fairytale 
Watercolor on paper 16"x 12"

I had fun painting this Nordic Winter scene, and trying out some different textural techniques with the watercolor on the crow.  I'm still following along the thread of my fascination for petroglyphs and actual rock-carvings from different places, particularly those with shamanic cultures and stories attached to them. 

I love how rock carvings (like the two boats above) can be symbols that seem to spark a sort of deep remembering, a kind of primal response when you are seeing something that looks strangely familiar - even when you know you've never seen it before. Like waking up old memories we hold deep in our blood and bones, genetic re-memberings coming back from our collective ancestry as indigenous beings to this Earth. 

The Spring is slow to break through this year. The trees are bursting with buds and bright green new leaves, while the winds blows an icy chill and snow continues to fall. It really is the perfect weather for Old Tales from the cold North. 

Have a beautiful week. Catherine Athena xo

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