Sunday, 7 October 2012

Things have come full circle...

"To paint is to love again" ~Henry Miller

It feels like I have come full circle with my art over the past year... I started with Watercolor, and have traveled far, far out of my comfort zone, learning new techniques, totally different materials, all kinds of things I perhaps wouldn't normally think to use. 

It's been incredible to experiment and play, and now I'm back where I began... to Watercolors again. But this time, I find myself combining other things I've seen and learnt along the way, to allow a real mixed-media feel and a new way of creating. 

I'm having fun, trying out different things I've never done before...just real simple things like using the edge of a white tea-lite candle to draw stars on the paper (as wax resists) before the watercolour paint goes on.  

And also using art masking fluid, applying it with a thing called a 'ruling pen' (which is a little stick, with a calliper end and a turning dial on the side, that can be used to adjust the width of the line it makes) - you feed the masking fluid into the gap between the callipers and then draw on the paper. I've been able to make some cute plants in intricate shapes.

Catherine Athena x

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