Friday, 17 August 2012

The Mountain

I've been enjoying doing some experimental pieces (using a lots of different mediums) that might yet end up being used for backgrounds with other images collaged in on top or added to later.

Here are some detail photos of this one piece I have tentatively called 'finished' - leaving the room of course for me to change my mind completely in a rush of spontaneity ... this might re-incarnate into something else entirely if the mood strikes!

It feels so nice to allow myself the freedom to make loose marks and scribbles - child-like, playful, unabashed, absolutely anything goes!

Etching over the top of paint, dry brush, metallics, water soluble crayons.
Bursts of ink.

Mixed media in ink, water soluble oil pastel, and acrylic
12" x 16.5" on foam board

Catherine Athena xo

• • •My journey through the senses• • •
taste:: Simple clean and light foods ; jasmine basmati rice is an all-time favourite.
smell:: The intoxicating heady aroma of purple Buddleia flowers
touch:: Coyote fur on my altar - beautiful and magical & incredibly soft too
see:: I adore gazing at the inky black-blue sky at nightfall.
hear:: The river chattering as it runs downstream over rocks.
think:: I'm feeling stronger after just over 4 months of being completely sugar-free in my diet!
feel:: Inspired
intuit:: New trends coming to the fore in alternative healing modalities


  1. What a beautiful piece. I love all the textures and loose scribbling that you have done! :)

  2. I love the look and feel and movement of that piece!


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