Thursday, 14 February 2013

Sunrise over the Cauldron of Inspiration

Happy Valentine's Day to you, wherever this may find you...

Sharing a wet-on-wet Watercolor painting I've been working on over the past couple of days. with a little bit of a Celtic flavour to remind me of the bracing ice winds of Springtime as I walk in the English countryside at this time of year. The deep crimson light of daybreak is incredibly evocative through the morning chill.

Sunrise over the Cauldron of Inspiration ~ Watercolor on paper 16"x12"
*click on image to see it larger*

My daily walks out in nature continue to inspire and enliven my senses. Witnessing, observing closely and enjoying the daily signs of growth and change as the plants and trees begin to rouse from their winter slumber. Tiny buds and shoots appearing on branches, still stark against the skyline.

Wishing you all an inspired and blessed February!
Catherine Athena xo


  1. I absolutely love this painting! Enjoy your Valentines Day love!



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